Welcome to FarmersOnly L2
FarmersOnly, where the humble farmers come to collect that sweet yield farm bag. No Coiners just don't get it!


FarmersOnly is one of the first yield farms on the Avalanche blockchain, and built upon proven features and logic that have been battle tested on Polygon. Our initial strategy for securing yield is to use these proven features to generate solid yield and passive income for token holders.
After a majority of deposits are made, incentives such as token buyback/burns and dividend pools will be implemented in order to add buy pressure to the Tomato Coin, and offer a more diverse set of rewards for owners to to earn while yield farming.
One thing we are not doing is farming just to farm: with the collected revenue from the project, we plan on creating features such as layered farming, NFTs, auto-compounding vaults and much more.
The maximum supply for TMT is 7777 tokens, this is to make sure value of scarcity is provided to token holders. This means max supply will be hit in just under 1 month for the token.
We intend on making this a sustainable project through the usage of layers, and intelligent allocation of funds to create incentive programs and partnerships to add value to all tokens created.


  • An initial supply of 120 TMT;
  • A maximum cap of 7777 TMT;
  • 0.0035/second emission rate; (0.007 for the first hour, see Ape-o-Nomics)
  • Deposit fees will be used in buybacks, ads funding, and a FlexFund; [More Info]
  • Layered farming approach ensures continuous profits for the platform users.
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