• 6 Hour Power Boost non native pools will receive a 2x bonus multiplier for the first 6 hours of farming; (already on in the pre-farm, so 400x on non-natives will become 45x after 6 hours)
  • Native pools will have multipliers adjusted for effective 2x emissions once non-native APRs decrease to rates that are no longer attractive to increase deposits. This will help stabilize price and reward those loyal to the project over those who leave as soon as a better APR appears.
  • Double Trouble Boost: a new feature on L2 of FarmersOnly. In order to further incentivize initial deposits at launch for the most hype possible, for the first hour emissions will be doubled in addition to the 6 Hour Power Boost to 2x non-native token rates. A double on a double for the juiciest APRs possible to feed the buyback and LP generating deposit fee structure. This means the first hour of launch effectively generates 4x normal returns on non native deposits, or 1 hours rewards become 4, with the rest of the 6 hour boost producing and effective 14 hours worth of normal rewards for non-native depositors. No apes will be able to resist such an incentive.
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