Deposit Fees
How deposit fees will be used to guarantee FarmersOnly's stability and longevity
  • 50% of all deposit fees will be used to buyback TMT and funding the LP creating buy pressure and sustaining LP regardless of whether community members stake in the pool, none of the LP created from this structure will be staked, leaving the rewards for the pools entirely to the community. All LP created from this system will be Locked with our LiqLocker;
  • 10% will fund advertisement;
  • 20% will be rewarded to team members to provide motivation to continue development and higher more people creating more value for the ecosystem;
  • 20% will be allocated for a FlexFund. This allocation of deposits will be spent on whatever is most beneficial to the farm at the moment. Some common examples would be, increase in spending on advertisements, more buybacks and LP creation, fund dividends or to add incentive on potential partnerships.
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