PreFarm Incentives
  • A PreFarm Dividend pool will be added. In this pool 45 of the 120 initial TMT tokens will be provided as a reward for staking CORN (L1 token);
  • Good Behavior Bonus: in order to sustain an increasing price in Tomato token, while still maintaining our policy on a fair launch, there will be an extra reward provided to those who will create TMT LP in the prefarm period. This is a 100% voluntary process anyone can choose to participate in. Payment will increase for each consecutive day lp is provided without breaking the pair; removal would reset the payment plan. The idea is for everyone to cooperate in the best interest of the farm without the need for collusion and underhanded price controls, common in other farms, that hurt the free market process. Slots for the incentive are limited since this will be paid from our personal funds. Wallets that provide LP for each tier first are rewarded the slot, payments will be sent every 24 hours. Payment time is fixed for everyone, so in example if the last slot fills 12 hours into farming, they will be compensated for the full day at the same time as everyone else. If LP is broken at any point before this, we will be monitoring transactions in the wallets filling the slots, so the next wallet who has had LP to match that tier will be paid instead. This means once you are in, if you withdraw you will be sent to the back of the line to begin receiving incentive payment for LP creation again.
    • 1k LP tier: first 15 wallets to provide 1k LP for TMT will be Paid 10$ the first day, increasing 10$ each day for a period of 5 days with the last day Paying 50$, total Compensation 150$ (per wallet).
    • 10k LP tier: first 10 wallets to provide 10k LP for TMT will be Paid 100$ the first day, increasing 100$ each day for a period of 5 days with the last day Paying 500$, total Compensation 1500$ (per wallet).
    • 100k LP tier: first 5 wallets to provide 100k LP for TMT will be Paid 250$ the first day, increasing 250$ each day for a period of 5 days with the last day Paying 1250$, total Compensation 3750$ (per wallet).
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